About The Hangar

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We’re only two of the Hangar Men, but we’re the two with microphones. When we started this podcast, we believed we were on to something, something big. We still do. There’s been a big shift in our culture over the past twenty years. Parts of this shift have been good, even necessary. But, it can’t be denied that other parts of it, the parts that have left men uninitiated, purposeless, and stuck, have been deadly to the masculine soul. This is where the Hangar comes in.

We believe we can take back ground that’s been lost. We believe there’s hope. Hope for all men to live by design and enjoy their life. It’s going to take a process of discovery to get there. We call this process reclaiming manhood. You won’t find many formulas for your best life here. In fact, most of our discussions center around the heart and the complexity of manhood. We’re working it out as we go along. Whether it’s the podcast, one of our adventure trips, or a garage group, our goal is to gain back the things we have lost over time that are essential to living as men. Welcome to the Hangar.



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