Interview with Justin Adkisson

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There’s more to a man than his physical needs.

It isn’t one date, one action, that sets the course of the life of a man. Sure, there are some things we decide that have a more lasting impact than others. But, as Justin reminds Hangar Men in this episode, it the accumulation of all the actions that take us where we are, where we end up. Justin gets to work by jumping out of planes. He wears a uniform the larger percentage of men won’t earn. He’s joined an elite brotherhood, and then lost many of those same brothers in the throes of combat. And, in his adult life, has been in places long enough to forget who he is. But today, Justin knows who he is - a son of the King. And because of this, he’s helping other men remember who they are. This week’s episode is something pretty incredible. You owe it to yourself to give it a spin.

Ben Derrick