The Horse Guru

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There’s a way a man goes about doing things.

If there’s one thing Tom Brown taught us, it’s that your approach matters. How you go about doing something just may make the difference between success and failure. Taking the time to learn the proper way to interact with something more powerful than you, faster than you, and prone to run is essential. In fact, mastering a skill like this is a life-long deal. No shortcuts here. It’s not that much different that life, really. A mutual respect for the power of the obstacle is the key to a desired outcome. It’s the way to gain control over the thing we were built to control. For men, it’s crucial for us to settle into our role, to hop in the corral and face what’s ours to train up. Looking to live as a more settled man? Spend a few minutes with Tom Brown. You just may learn something.

Ben Derrick